Manning Station
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Last Site Update: 11/21/13

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Portfolio: Manning Station

Perspective view of a meandering trail from Manning Station tht connects to a linear trail along Manning Ave., a four lane highway West of the property.

(Click on an image to view at a larger scale)

Perpective street views. Boulevard trees shelter sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly streets. The upper image shows a traffic calm street abutting berms and ponding. Manning Avenue, a four lane highway is behind the berm.

Aerial illustration view looking North with surrounding existing site context.

Illustrative Plan view with adjacent developments.

Aerial illustration looking East with existing surrounding site context.

Neighborhood Park Perspective looking West. The entire neighborhood pivots around and focusses on the central park-green. The park includes a football/soccer/lacrosse field, tennis court, totlot-play strucure, sand volleyball courts, and a shelter for small gatherings. Most homes front either the central park-green, or focus on boulevard streetscapes, ponding and amenity settings.

Perspective View of the linear trail along Manning Ave. Connections from the trail to Manning Station meander around a seriers of planted berms. These berms act as a visual and sound barrier between Manning Ave. and Manning Station.

Perspective View of the North End of the site. The rail line shown is a historic railroad line operated by the Minnesota Zephyr.

Neighborhood Park Perspective looking North. Note that the homes are house-dominant with "tamed" garages.

Aerial illustration looking North East

Perspective view of the path between planted berms leading to Manning Avenue's linear parkway trail.

Illustrated plan view. A large central park-green, framed by a one way street, provides the central core of the neighborhood. This, along with an extensive sidewalk and trail system promotes pedestrian use, interaction, and safety.