Portfolio: Liberty West
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Last Site Update: 11/21/13

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Portfolio: Liberty West

Market sign for the Site

(Click on an image to view at a larger scale)

Back page of a marketing ad.

Aerial Perspective of Liberty West looking North West.

Plan Perspective of a portion of the site. The Park and connection to Liberty on the Lake are in the middle of the image. The park is intergrated with the neighborhood and reflects the many large play fields found elsewhere within Liberty. An extensive trail and sidewalk system, with connections to Liberty, can be found on site encourageing greater pedestrian use and safety.

Aerial Perspective, looking South East, of an amenity rich pedestrian setting.

Neighborhood Perspective. A community mailbox, featured in the center of the image, creates neighbor interaction.

Marketing Display

Neighborhood Street View Perspective looking North.

One of three exisitng Red Oak heritage trees found on site that were preserved and provided the framework for the site design.

Front page of a marketing ad.

Aerial Perspective of the site showing the North portion of the site. As one enters the site from Liberty on the Lake, a park setting can be found to the left (middle right of image). A series of connected ponds, flowing South to North, front homes on the left (West) side of the image. The four large trees (3 on site, one directly off site), are existing preserved Red Oaks.